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SD 2000 R


Site Drainer™ inventor and founder, Antonio Perez is familiar with innovative solutions. With a background in manufacturing and distribution, an interest in industrial engineering, and a passion for invention, he has always had a curiousity for figuring out how to solve common problems with simple solutions. Upon speaking to several colleagues in the construction industry, he repeatedly heard how dewatering pumps were contributing to inefficiencies on the job site with their constant clogging. Cumbersome work arounds, such as drilling holes in buckets, were being used to try to avoid clogging. Highly curious, Antonio decided to find out why the pumps clogged and if there was an easier and more reliable solution. In 2009, his idea of the "free flow casing" - the innovation which sets Site Drainer™ apart from all other dewatering pumps - was born.  

Mr. Perez's vision is for Site Drainer™ to become the innovative and superior solution to what is currently lacking in the electric submersible dewatering pump industry.

Site Drainer, LLC maintains corporate headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey. All Site Drainer™ pumps are designed and assembled on-site in our New Jersey facility using the highest quality components. Site Drainer™ pumps have been field tested for over five years in a myriad of extreme environments and applications.  All finished products, as well as those in development, are in a constant state of quality control testing as part of our routine manufacturing process. 

Site Drainer™ is committed to designing and manufacturing innovative, easy-to-use and environmentally conscious products.

SD 2000 R Specifications

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