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Fiber Drop Markers

When new communication services are installed at a location, often a temporary cable is placed on the ground and left until such time as a crew can come and permanently bury the cable in the ground.

This leaves the cable vulnerable from damage caused by vehicle traffic, mowers and
people tripping on the cable, not aware of its presence.

U-TECK has developed a temporary solution to this problem.

Our markers are made from a Highly Visible Fluorescent Orange Acrylic material that enhances the visibility of the cable and helps reduce damage that might occur. Each marker is 2.5" in diameter.

Simply insert the staple pin onto the marker disc with the message side up, straddle  the cable with the marker, and push firmly into the ground. The arrow indicator should align with the direction of the cable. Space markers adequately for best results.

U-TECK's Temporary Fiber Drop Markers are meant to be reused.

  • Quick, easy, light weight

  • 2.5" in diameter

  • Highly visible fluorescent orange acrylic material

  • Protects expensive cable drops prior to trenching

  • Reusable